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How to Clean Drain Pipes at Home - Chula Vista Plumber

Kitchens are usually the most commonly-used areas of the house for drainage purposes, being that cooking takes place here and you need access to your sink. Since this is the hotspot for drainage, it can be very likely that you will experience a blockage in your kitchen sink’s drain.

In the event that your kitchen sink’s drain is clogged, you can expect sitting water to be present within the sink, or the water will drain very slowly over time, making it less than ideal for cooking or cleaning purposes. You can also suspect that your drain is clogged if there is a bad odor permeating from the sink itself. In this case, it is recommend to do what you can to unclog the drain, and subsequently take measures to clean your kitchen sink’s pipes.

Although it can be somewhat of a nuisance to maintain your kitchen’s drain, it is incredibly common to acquire drain blockage and it can be wise to take these steps mentioned above. Some of the most common causes of a clogged kitchen drain are grease build up, food build up, or foreign objects lodged in the drain. When cooking something that leaves behind grease or fatty substances, avoid pouring it down your kitchen’s drain. When you pour these substances down your drain, they can stick to the sides of your pipes and when cooled, the substances harden causing a blockage. Another common cause is food build up. Garbage disposals are a great resource in the kitchen to dispose of food waste, but the more you put in there and leave in there overtime, it can cause build up. Especially in the event that your garbage disposal’s motor breaks down, you could be living with food build up in the drain and stopped up water. Lastly, foreign objects can also cause a clogged drain. No matter how careful you are not to turn on the garbage disposal with utensils in the sink, it can be a common mistake to end up accidentally blending a fork in the garbage disposal every now and again. Whether it be a spoon, fork, knife, or foreign object that your child may have accidentally suck in the sink, you can wind up with objects in your sink that can cause the drain to block. In order to avoid blockage from these issues, it is best to be mindful of the things that enter your sink.

In order to clear out a clogged drain, you can utilize household kitchen items to rid the clog. You can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and pour it down the drain, follow up with some hot water and your clog problems should be solved. In order to efficiently clean your kitchen sink’s pipes to avoid a clog, you should partake in regular, weekly pipe clean outs. You can do this by stopping up your sink and filling up the entirety of the sink with water. Let it sit for a moment and then unstop the drain. This allows for the force of the water to push the drain clean and remove any build up that may have accumulated on the sides of your pipes.

If you are worried about error during the cleaning out or unclogging process, the best course of action to take is to call a plumbing specialist. There are many unclogging and cleaning tools and chemicals on the market that can actually make your situation worse, and the best way to avoid that is to seek out a professional. With the use of a plumbing specialist, they can unclog your drains accurately and also spot issues before they occur. Routine checks and cleaning maintenance on your pipes can expand the longevity of your pipes, and also save you money in the long run if in the event that a plumbing disaster takes place. If you are seeking out professional plumbing assistance and live in the Chula Vista, greater San Diego area, Alert Plumbings is here to help. Alert Plumbings has been servicing the greater San Diego area for over 30 years and has the tools, experience, knowledge, and expertise necessary to handle your plumbing needs. Seek out a Chula Vista plumber and give us a call here at Alert Plumbings!

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